Results of grocery trip!

So, this week I spent $47.90 for food.  I went a bit over, but since I stocked up on some things on sale, and much of it will last much longer than this week, I’m calling it a victory.  The challenge will be keeping the snack monster (my wonderful man) at bay.  The grocery store had some good deals on a few things so I got extra, and I decided that yeast will keep 6 months in the fridge, and it was worth it to buy the jar rather than a few measly packets.

I started at a local farm stand I found, Gould’s Produce in Brodheadsville, PA. The ladies there are

They had some great looking onions, and at a good price.  Their brussels sprouts looked good too.  I don’t remember liking brussels sprouts, but I hope that I can steam them up with some good spices.  Maybe the man will even like them! Their winter squash looks great too, but I’ve already got some acorn squash I haven’t used, and I’m always nervous about keeping it a long time.  When winter squash goes bad, it can go really bad!

How do you store your winter squash?  Am I being silly about not stocking up now?

What do you do with brussels sprouts?  Do you have some way of cooking them that picky eaters enjoy?

What about snacks?  I’ve been baking and making popcorn, mostly, but variety will keep the beloved snack monster happier.

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