Soft sculpture!

Ok, soft sculpture, amigurumi, crochet, whatever we’re calling it here. This is what I’ve been up to for the past week or so.  I found one (only one) of my crochet hooks, and Devin’s mom had given me some yarn she wasn’t going to use several months ago.

So, I made these guys: Crochet critters

In the back above the monster is a flower that I attached to a hair comb, I didn’t use a pattern for it, but rather took bits from several patterns.

The black and grey monster is from craftbits and the pattern (which I modified slightly as I was making him) can be found here.

The little bunny at the bottom left was made with this pattern from makezine.  I didn’t put the extra effort into the polish, and details, so theirs are cuter, but I like this little guy.

To the right of the bunny is something I made while looking at amigurumi patterns and tried to make something without a pattern.  He has little feet and a tail, and is sitting next to the ball that was his predecessor.

With my mind on Spring’s approach, the bunny was a given, but so was the daffodil.  I didn’t have any yellow thread, but I did have yellow grocery store bags.  I didn’t like the way it looked when it was just strips of plastic, but I do have a drop spindle, so I spun up a few bags and then plied them.  That little daffodil took three bags worth of two-ply “plarn” to make.  Once again, I haven’t kept track of the pattern used for that daffodil.  I’ve decided I don’t like working with plastic for crocheting.  It’s a lot of work to get a plarn that I like the look of, and the plastic (spun or not) grabs the hook interrupting the rhythm of the work.  I might go back to plarn for something (like soles for summer sandals perhaps?) but it’s not going to change how I crochet.

Next is a spiral rose.  I followed a pattern, but I honestly couldn’t tell you which one.

Finally, a little flower fairy girl.  When you flip her skirt one way she’s a girl with a skirt, the other way, she’s a flower with a stem!  I used to see these at the church craft shows when I was a kid and I’d flip them back and forth, amazed that it was both a doll and a flower. So, when I saw this pattern, I had to make one.  She is made of yarn scraps of three different yarns, and I didn’t have quite enough green to do the stem as the pattern said, so I improvised.

Something that might change how I crochet is these instructions over at The Cashmere Connoisseur for taking apart a sweater for yarn!  I had cut the sleeves and sewed the ends of an old sweater for fingerless gloves last year, and I still have the sweater hanging out.  I’ve begun to disassemble it, and the yarn is in good enough shape, although it’s lost most of it’s twist.  So far I’ve made a bit of a mess of it, but once I actually payed attention to the instructions, it’s moving along better now.

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