Yoga Cycle

Caring for your body

In being kind to myself, I come back to my body, over and over.  I am frusterated by the belly that won’t seem to go away again, now that I’ve got it, but overall, I am proud of my body.  It takes me where I need to go, and does what I ask it to.  Most of the time.  I rarely get sick, and when I do, my body fixes it while I focus on giving it whatever it needs to do so (rest, water, and quiet, mostly).

I just found this great article over at The Daily Love Blog about learning to listen to your body.  It makes an excellent point, and one that I still manage to forget, despite having learned it over and over again.

As far back as Aristotle, at least, and probably since our race began to think, some people have wondered what relationship the thinking-thing has with the body.  Many dismiss the question out of hand, saying look, here is my hand, it is part of me, I am my body.  Through my personal experiences, I have come to believe that the mind is simply the part of us that is not physical.  Yes, I am my body, but I am so much more.  Physics can not create a unified theory, because it only deals with the physical.  But I’m getting off topic.

The body and the mind are separate things, but only two parts of a larger thing, as the leaf and flower of a plant.  Sometimes, the mind needs something of the body, and the body responds without hesitation, at the shadow of a thought.  You don’t think “I must move my left foot, shift weight forward onto it, lift the right foot…” etc. No, you think, “I’d sure like a beer from the fridge,” and your body complies.

Flipped around, when the body needs something from the mind, it communicates too, but the mind is slow and quickly learns to ignore the body’s pleas for help once the pattern is established.  The body communicates with pain, pleasure, tickles, itches, tingles, and every sensation I don’t have the cleverness or inclination to name here.  Sometimes, especially when you ask, the body also creates thoughts.  Fully formed sentences, if you listen and believe that your body knows.  So, it is important for me, for all of us, to remember to stop, make space for communication, and open your mind to the messages your body is sending.

Treat your body with respect and honor.  It does the best it can with what you give it, and how you use it.  That’s what I mean to do with mine, and that of my dear man.

Did you do the exercise in the post from the Daily Love?  If you haven’t do it now: Stop what you’re doing, get comfy, and ask yourself, “How can I help my body today?”

What did you hear?  I heard the word “dance”.  I’ve been learning belly dance, more about that another time!